Apply for you 2019 Membership now!

You can now apply for membership for 2019. Senior and Junior membership can now be applied for online or trackside. Remember you must have current BRCA membership to be accepted as a member. Click on the “Join the Club” option on the top menu bar.

2019 Race Dates

  Dates for the 2019 race meetings. These will be updated on the club calender shortly. Summer Championships will be running for both Off-Road and Rallycross on the days shown with the best 5 results from 8 to count. Spectators are welcome at all events including the National and Oople events. We’re looking forward to […]

New offroad beginners guide added

We’re often asked via email and in person about the basics of getting into offroad RC. ┬áThis latest new page on our website gives some of the basics about the offroad racing at Mendip RC Raceway. CLICK HERE to see the guide With more content being added all the time, expect a similar guide for […]