Club days

When we race…

Our club days run roughly fortnightly throughout the year, usually on the 1st and 3rd Sundays of each month in the summer and the 2nd and 4th Sundays over the winter.  Check the calender page for full details of when we’re running.

What we race…

All classes of ELECTRIC on-road cars and bikes and electric off-road cars (1/10th scale only) run on these days.

The most popular classes of racing on club days currently are:

Off-road…1/10th 2wd, 1/10th 4wd and 1/10th trucks

On-road…1/8th 4wd Rally Cars

Heats for these classes currently run at most club days…BUT…any class of electric RC vehicle can run if numbers support it.

To run separate heats of any class we need a minimum of 6 people to cover the marshalling of the next heat/race.

However, if there are not enough of a particular class to run in separate heats, then they will be mixed with another appropriate class where possible, meaning any one should be able to turn up and join in the fun!

Heats are created according to ability, so you should always end up racing alongside someone of your pace, no matter how good or experienced you are.  We have a big mix of abilities at every club day, and the best way to learn to race is to come along and join in.

Timetable for the day…

On all club race days the rough timetable is:

8:30am  Gates open

9am Booking in opens, tracks open for free practice.

10:30am Racing starts

4-5pm Racing finishes All our club days are very relaxed, with breaks for weather interruptions, and even breaks for lunch if the timing allows on a day.

How much does it cost…

£7 for members

£10 for non-members

£1 for under 16’s

Other facilities…

We have covered pits for around 70 drivers (2 people sharing each bench)

Tuck shop for snacks and drinks.

No Mains electric is available on site during club days, so bring your own 12v power.  The site has no mains electric at all in the pit area.

A note about NITRO Racing.

Currently the club hasn’t planned any on-road IC/petrol club events.  Turnouts last year were too low to record any official club championship results, so we are working on establishing what will best suit the current club members needs for the future as numbers appear to be in decline sadly. Rest assured, we are not neglecting NITRO/PETROL classes. We have worked hard to secure ALL the on-road national events that used Mendip in 2017, and will run nitro club events should numbers and demand be there to add them to the calender.

If your interested in this please get in touch by emailing us.