Electric onroad classes added to offroad club days…

One of the first planned changes comes into action from 15th December 2013 onwards…our fortnightly offroad meetings are now going to become electric club days with both offroad and onroad classes running.

What does this mean exactly?

Well, simply put…offroad remains unchanged, with all 1/10th electric classes (2wd, 4wd and trucks) running on the astro track, but we’ll also now be running ANY electric classes you’d like to run on the onroad tarmac track as well.  The single heat list will contain all the classes,  running the offroad classes first, then switch to onroad, so we won’t overlap the racing..meaning you could run both if your feeling greedy!

The idea is simple…we are hoping to attract some extra racers and bigger numbers to club days by adding onroad.

The 1/10th TC classes are some of the most popular RC car racing classes in the country right now, and since we have both tracks, and electric classes tend to run to the same race day timetable, it seems silly not to run them both.

And it’s not just TC’s we’re thinking of either…RC bikes, or even 1/8th scale electric cars could also run!  Basically we won’t exclude anyone who comes along with any type of electric powered RC vehicle.

Minimum heat numbers will apply, but we’re opening the doors to see who shows up with what…the point is…although there are the serious bits, the racing should be fun and friendly, and the pits should be full of chat and banter.

And for those with IC/nitro/petrol powered RC vehicles, although we haven’t opened the doors to you on this occasion, it’s not to say we won’t in the future.  This is a one step at a time process for us right now.  We are still looking to find out from you what you’d like in the way of club racing, if anything.  Anyone wishing to have some input in that, please feel free to email us!