If our onroad track is one of the oldest, our offroad track is probably one of the newest in the UK, catering for all 1/10th electric classes, it is fully astro turf, making it an all weather track.

Credit for this video goes to our very own Dan Osbourne, as gifted with the camera as he is with the racing!

Although conceived from within the original MMMRC club, the offroad track was designed and built using manpower from a group of people who have been involved in offroad racing in Weston for many years under the WORM Racing banner (Weston Off Road Models/Micros), and they initially formed the offroad section of MMMRC.  From 2014 the offroad section was fully amalgamated into Mendip RC Raceway and it’s facilities!

The track area has been designed and made to make use of all the natural features the site has to offer, plus a few man made features to add to the fun.  It has no hard edged features which means we can lay tracks literally anywhere, an infinite number of layouts are possible making every race day unique!

We currently run the following classes at our club racing days:

  • 1/10th electric 2wd buggies
  • 1/10th electric 4wd buggies
  • 1/10th electric trucks (2wd or 4wd)

Our offroad track is too small for 1/8th electric or nitro, so these classes are currently not allowed.  It simply wouldn’t be safe…or fun!  So your best bet is to stick to the classes listed above.