Race dates

Race Dates

We run electric club racing days roughly fortnightly, and aim for the 1st and 3rd Sundays over the summer, and race all year round (weather permitting!), and this covers both onroad and offroad classes…as long as it’s electric powered, and there are 6 or more in your chosen class entering on the day, we’ll run races for it!  These days are open to both members and non members.

We also host a number of BRCA regional and national race events throughout the year, plus some special one off and sponsored events too.

If your a member looking for open practice, or non member looking to buy a days track pass, then as long as there are race meetings running, the tracks are open for practice!

Below is the current calendar for 2015.

Some of these dates are still being confirmed by the organisers, details will be updated as soon as we’re able.


Run roughly fortnightly throughout the year, generally on the 1st and 3rd Sundays of each month.  All classes of electric on-road cars and bikes and electric off-road cars (1/10th scale only) run on these days.

The most popular classes of racing on club days currently are:

Off-road…1/10th 2wd, 1/10th 4wd and 1/10th trucks
On-road…Rally X

Heats for these classes currently run at every club day and count towards club championships, BUT…any class of electric RC vehicle can run and count to club championships if numbers support it. However, if there are not enough of a particular class to run in separate heats, then they will be mixed with another appropriate class.

On all club race days the rough timetable is:

Gates open 8:30am, Booking in from 9am, racing from around 10am, £7 for members, £10 for non-members, £1 Juniors and £2  extra for a second class raced.

Covered pits and cafe serving hot and cold drinks and snacks open all day.


Currently the club hasn’t planned any on-road IC/petrol club events.  Turnouts last year were too low to record any official club championship results, so we are working on establishing what will best suit the current club members needs for the coming year.

Rest assured, we are not neglecting NITRO/PETROL classes.  We have worked hard to secure ALL the on-road national events that have enjoyed running at Mendip in the past and will run nitro club events should numbers and demand be there to add them to the calender.  If your interested in this please get in touch by emailing us.